Best Papers

2018 7th International Conference on Chemical and Process Engineering (ICCPE 2018), May 23-25, 2018, Bangkok, Thailand

1st Session


Synthesis of pH-Sensitive Nanoparticles Based on Poly (Methylmethacrylate–Co-Methacrylic Acid) with Triggered Release of Bromothymol Blue Payloads

Goragot Supanakorn

National Nanotechnology Center (Nanotec), Thailand

2nd Session


Sappan (Caesalpinia Sappan) Seeds in the Control of Cockroach (Periplenata Americana)

Liwayway H. Acero

San Beda University Manila Philippines, Philippines

3rd Session


A Novel Global Warming Solution: Use of Flue Gas to Produce Urea

Saniha Aysha Ajith& Zaina Rashed Aldhaheri

Abu Dhabi University, United Arab Emirates

4th Session


Structural Transformation in 1D Mercury(II) Halide Coordination Polymer

Pradhumna Mahat Chhetri

Chung-Yuan Christian University, Taiwan


2017 6th International Conference on Chemical and Process Engineering (ICCPE 2017), May 25-27, 2017, Beijing, China


1st Session

Devise of an Exhaust Gas Heat Exchanger for a Thermal Oil Heater in a Palm Oil Refinery Plant
Panom Chucherd and Paisan Kittisupakorn
Chulalongkorn University, Thailand

2nd Session

Nanostructure Tailoring of Graphitic Film for Achieving Ultra-High Thermal Conductivity Along its Perpendicular Direction
Yaodong Liu
Institute of Coal Chemistry, CAS, China


2016 5th International Conference on Chemical and Process Engineering (ICCPE 2016), May 23-25, 2016, Jeju Island, Republic of Korea



Thermal Properties and Morphology of Polypropylene /Polycarbonate/ Polypropylene- Graft- Maleic Anhydride Blends 

Muhammad Shafiq Mat Shayuti, Zaki Abdullah, and Puteri Sri Melor Megat Yusoff 

University Teknologi MARA, Malaysia



Bioaccumulation of sp2 carbon nanomaterials in wheat and their bio-effects (Presentation Only)

Sheng-Tao Yang, Lingyun Chen and Xue-Ling Chang

Southwest University for Nationalities; Chinese Academy of Sciences, China



Investigation of the Parameters Affecting Subcritical CO2 ـــassisted Polyaniline Polymerization 

Hussien Noby Badry Hussein, Ahmed Elshazly, Marwa El-Kady, and Masahiro Oshima 

Egypt-Japan University for Science and Technology (E-JUST), Egypt



Techno-Economic Analysis for Small Scale Production of Plant Oil and Biodiesel from Rubber Seeds in Palangkaraya, Indonesia

Muhammad Yusuf Abduh, Robert Manurung, and Hero Jan Heeres

Institut Teknologi Bandung, Indonesia



Novel Na2Mo4O13/α-MoO3 hybrid material as highly efficient CWAO catalyst for dye degradation at ambient conditions

Zhang Zhang and Qiang Wang

College of Environmental Science and Engineering, Beijing Forestry University, China



Waste to Energy: A look into community-based charcoal briquetting in the Philippines 

Erees Queen Macabebe, Samuel Matthew Dumlao and Teresita Perez 

Ateneo de Manila University


2015 4th International Conference on Chemical and Process Engineering
(ICCPE 2015), June 15-16, 2015, Madrid, Spain 



The Improvement Methods of Pore Pressure Prediction Accuracy in the Central Canyon in Qiongdongnan Basin

Zijian Chen, Jingen Deng, Baohua Yu, Qiang Tan, and Zhuo Chen

China University of Petroleum, China



Evaluation of Antioxidant Activity of Pomegranate Molasses by 2,2-Diphenyl-l-Picrylhydrazyl (DPPH) Method

Arzu Akpinar-Bayizit, Tulay Ozcan, Lutfiye Yılmaz Ersan, and Elif Yildiz

Uludag University, Department of Food Engineering, Turkey



Biochemical and Kinetic Characterization of the Digestive Trypsin-Like Activity of the Lesser Grain Borer Rhyzopertha Dominica (F.) (Coleoptera: Bostrichidae)

Francisco J. Cinco-Moroyoqui, Pablo Sergio Osuna-Amarillas, Franncisco J. Wong-Corral, and Jesús Borboa-Flores

Universidad de Sonora, México



The Effect of Fenugreek and WPI on Release of Aromatic Acids from Shiraz Cheese -Iranian Traditional Cheese-Produced from Bovine Milk

Mehrnaz Aminifar

Standard Research Institute, Iran


2014 3rd International Conference on Chemical and Process Engineering
(ICCPE 2014), Bangkok, Thailand, June 9-10, 2014



Development of a Prefabricated and User Friendly Stance-control Orthosis
Muhammad Rakib, Imtiaz Choudhury and N.A. Abu Osman
University of Malaya



Melatonin Profile during Rice (Oryza sativa) Production

Widiastuti Setyaningsih, Nikmatul Hidayah, Irfan Estiono Saputro, Miguel Palma Lovillo, and Carmelo García Barroso

University of Cádiz, Spain



Investigating the prospects of using novel thermal power pump cycle coupled with reverse osmosis system for water desalination

Abhijit Date, S.V. Ghaisas, Ashwin Date and Aliakbar Akbarzadeh

RMIT University



Thermal Behavior of Used Alkaline Primary Button Batteries Disposed as General Waste

Wasana Kowhakul, Kazuki Yoshimura, Hiroshi Masamoto, Mikiji Shigematsu

Fukuoka University, Japan 


2013 2nd International Conference on Chemical and Process Engineering
 (ICCPE 2013), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, June 8-9, 2013



A Computer Based Feature Extraction of Lung Nodule in Chest X-ray Image
Nitin S. Lingayat and Manoj R. Tarambale



Efficacy of Edible Film Incorporated with Essential Oils against White-rot Decay Fungus (Trametes versicolor)

Saifon Phothisuwan, Narumol Matan, and Nirundorn Matan



Sustainability Metrics and Life Cycle Assessment for Thermochemical Conversion of Woody Biomass to Mixed Alcohols

Eric C. D. Tan and Abhijit Dutta



Properties of blends of Novatein thermoplastic protein from bloodmeal and polybutylene succinate using two compatibilizers

K.I Ku Marsilla, C.J.R Verbeek



Potassium Carbonate as a Salt for Deep Eutectic Solvents

J. Naser, F. Mjalli, B. Jibril, S. Al-Hatmi, and Z. Gano



Biohydrogen Production from Sterilized Sewage sludge as a Substrate using Mixed Cultures

Mijung Kim, Sechang Oh, Randeep Rakwal, Chungang Liu and Zhenya Zhang 


2012 International Conference on Chemical and Process Engineering
(ICCPE 2012), Hong Kong, June 2-3, 2012


Design and Development of a Closed Two Loop Thermal Management
Configuration for PEM Fuel Cell
B Viswanath Sasank, N.Rajalakshmi, K.S.Dhathathreyan


Monte Carlo Analysis of a Subcutaneous Absorption Insulin Glargine
Model: Variability in Plasma Insulin Concentrations
Normy N. Razak, Jessica Lin, Jason Wong, Geoffrey J. Chase


Zeta Potential - Applications


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